Our most notable successes so far

Malayan Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus)

The sun bear was the first and currently the only one of our target species that we have evidence of. This is the first confirmed images of the sun bear in Isau Isau in a decade.

This capture occurred during only our second deployment so we were really taken aback when we saw these pictures knowing the importance that this species holds for us to achieve our goal of upgraded protection for Isau Isau.

The mitered leaf monkey or Sumatran Surili (Presbytis melalophos)

The Mitered Leaf Monkey or Sumatran Surili (Presbytis melalophos) is arguably our most important capture to date. Our capture is a first for Isau Isau Nature Reserve making it an unrecorded population. This species was previously only recorded in five locations across Sumatra (according to the IUCN report), our discovery is a sixth.


The map shows the current locations as the blue pointers and the rough location of Isau Isau as the purple pointer.

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