Project overview


Sumatra is the sixth largest island in the world, located in Indonesia. The climate of the island is tropical, hot and humid. Lush tropical rainforest once dominated the entire landscape. This island contains several active volcanoes, large plains and lowland forests with swamps, mangrove forest, and complex river systems. Globally known as a Mega biodiversity hotspot, Sumatra is a home to many different types of flora and fauna. Millions of species of Flora and Fauna living ad part of a diverse and delicate ecosystem with some species only found endemic on smaller islands as well as in the main island of Sumatra.


Sumatra has lost almost 50% of its tropical rainforest in the past 35 years. Deforestation due to agriculture and mining contribute to the decline of tropical rainforest. The forests are disappearing rapidly, not only in the main island but also on the small island which has similar problems. Due to these problems, many species of animals and plants have been pushed to the brink of the extinction. Some of animals are now critically Endangered such as Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Elephant, Sumatran Rhinos, Sumatran Orangutans, Sun Bear, Clouded Leopard, Sunda Pangolin and many more. The other serious problem that Sumatra is facing is Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trafficking which is also a problem for global populations of keystone species.

Aims Of This Project

  1. Finding a New Population of the IUCN registered Critically Endangered Sumatran Tiger.
  2. Developing New Integrated Data of Elusive Species.
  3. Raising awareness to the biodiversity of Sumatra both locally and globally.



Isau Isau Nature Reserve

Isau Isau Nature Reserve (the coloured area on the map) is located in two regions, Kabupaten Lahat and Kabupaten Muara Enim. Recognizing as one of biggest nature reserve in south Sumatra with total area 16.742,92 hectars. The ecosystem is complex, mainly covered with lowland tropical rainforest with rich biodiversity and beautiful landscape. The aims of the nature reserve management is to protect the biodiversity of all the species of flora and fauna living inside of the rainforest, protecting water resources, setting up a research and tropical study area, carbon stores area, and Ecotourism based on the conservation of the area.

The problems that this nature reserve is facing is illegal plantation and illegal logging. Isau Isau Nature Reserve had millions species of flora specific to Sumatra. The rainforest is dominated with specific hard woods (Dipterocarps)

Such as:

Meranti (Shorea sp.)

Damar Kuning (Shorea javanica)

and then the other hard woods like Pulai (Alstoniasp.)

Durian (Durio sp.)

Jelutung (Dyera sp.)

Cempedak (Artocarpus teymanii)

Kedondong hutan(Santini ablongifolia)

Laban(Vitex pubescens)

Cemara gunung(Casuarina sumatrensis)

Merawan(Hopea gerrugenia)

Tenam (Anisoptera margiata)

Medang (Beilschimedia sp.)

Mempening (Quercus argentea)

Rotan (Calamus manan)

Simpur(Dilenia grandifolia)

Mempisang(Pollatija sp.)

Jangkang (Xylopia malayana)


Tapen(Mallotus sp.)

Kepuh(Sterculia foetida)

Petai Hutan (Parkia speciosa)

Kemang (Mangifera caesia)

Terap (Artocarpuselosticua)

Albasia(Paraserianthes sp.)

Sono Kembang(Pterocarpus indicus)

Manggeris(Kompassia malaccencis)

Bambu(Bambusa sp.)

Beringin(Ficus benjamina)

Kandis(Garnicia sp.)

Berumbung (Adina minutifora)

Mimba(Azadirchta indica)


Rotan Manau (Calamus manau)

Pasak Bumi(Euricome longifolia)

Manggis (Garcinia mangostana)

Sono Kembang(Pterocarpu sindicus)

Sungkai(Peronema canescens).

Isau Isau Nature Reserve is also home to many kinds of endangered and protected animals such as:

Siamang (Symphalangus cyndactylus)

Sambar (Cervus unicolor)

Sunda Pangolin (Manis javanica)

Sunda Clouded Leopard ( Neofelis diardii)

Sumatran Tiger ( Panthera tigris sumatrae)

Golden Cat ( Catopuma teminckii)

Sumatran Porcupine (Hystrix brachyuran)

Barking Deer/Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak)

Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus)

Pig-tailed Macaque (Macaca nemestrina)

Simpai Leaf Monkey (Presbytis melalophos)

Rhinoceros Hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros )

SumatranGibbon (Hylobates agilis)

Asian Leopard Cat(Felis bengalensis)

Malayan Tapir ( Tapirus indicus)

Northern Dhole ( Chuon alpinus)


Fauna Target

Top Six Species:

  1. Sumatran Tiger ( Panthera tigris sumatrae )
  2. Malayan Tapir ( Tapirus indicus )
  3. Sun Bear ( Helarctos malayanus )
  4. Sumatran Serow ( Capricornis sumatraensis )
  5. Sunda Clouded Leopard ( Neofelis diardi )
  6. Norther Dhole ( Cuon alpinus )

Project Duration

This project will held for one year to ensure we get enough data of all species so we can therefore make a more accurate estimation of the population of animals and its threats.


We selected the best sites based on cues left by animals such footprints, scent marking, claw marks, pugmarks, scrapes, and scat deposits.

The camera traps will set up for two weeks ( 15 days) on the sampling area and it will move to other location.


  1. Get (Photo and Video) of The Top Six Targeted Species living in the Isau Isau Nature Reserve
  2. Get New photographic evidence of Elusive Species exclude Targeted Species
  3. Get Local and Global Attention from the People and Conservation Industry
  4. Get an indication of the threats which are leading to the disappearing of animal population.
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