Wildlife filmmaker and friend of the project James Stevens will soon be heading out to Sumatra and we are really pleased to announce that our project will be a part of a forth-coming documentary that he is making on conservation projects in Sumatra.

About James


Filmmaker, photographer, singer/songwriter and artist from Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. James has been inspired by the natural world from a very young age. His natural curiosity for nature developed into an aspiring career as a wildlife filmmaker. Tailoring his studies to best suit him for this career, he found himself studying Wildlife Media at the University of Cumbria where he further developed his skills.

Since graduating from University in 2016, James has focused most of his time learning about, and filming the wildlife up in the Scottish Highlands. The saying goes “if you can film wildlife in Scotland, you can film wildlife anywhere in the world” for Scotland’s wildlife boasts many challenges. The changeable weather, biting midges and weeks in hides have not deterred him. Not only does he continue to work in film and photography, but also guides Scottish wildlife holidays, taking guests all throughout Scotland in search of stunning animals.

James now has his sites set on international ventures. He has lined up projects in both Sumatra and Papua New Guinea and will set to complete the former this year. Being a one-man production team poses many challenges, but with the help of conservationist Pungky Nanda Pratama, the documentary will be of great success.

To see James’ work, check out his website at



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