The Sumatra Camera Trap Project started as a conversation between Anthony Hearn and Pungky Nanda Pratama in early February 2018. They had met through their mutual love of nature and their need to preserve the natural world, immediately connecting over like minded conversations about conservation projects in their respective home countries of the UK and Indonesia.

Anthony had recently become a stay-at-home father to his young son Kai, putting his career as a zoo keeper on hold to take part in the upbringing of his child. During this time, Anthony and Pungky conversed on nearly a daily basis. Anthony’s wish to continue working for animals in some form and Pungky’s infectious enthusiasm inspired the two to create a project together.

After a short time, they agreed that a camera trap project would be the perfect project. Anthony would supply the traps and collate the data while Pungky would trek into previously unresearched nature reserves to place the cameras and look for visual cues left behind by the animals.

The first camera trap eventually arrived in early March after a tense 12 day wait, delayed due to a winter storm that hit the UK. After much conversation with many different people and an enduring process, a plan was set out with aims and goals of the project and this is where we are currently.

The project will run with the express permission from The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Agency of South Sumatra. We are very thankful for the support of the agency and for their permission to run this project. We are very proud to be working alongside them.

JOIN US as we discover TOGETHER the wildlife that these previously unresearched rainforests. have to offer.

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