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Thanks for checking out the 10 by 10 page!

10 by 10 is now over! Please note that if you wish to donate a camera to our cause, you are welcome to do so, however we will not be sending another package until the new year so there will be a long delay.

Huge thanks to our donors:

Sebastian Oddi Björnsson – Five cameras

Richard Davy – Five cameras

Karen Knell – One camera

These kind donors have helped us take a huge step towards the future of this unprotected and threatened ecosystem. With your help, we strive to save Isau Isau for future generations.


Based on our successful captures so far, we have heard from our collaborators at the The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Agency of South Sumatra that there is a possibility of Isau Isau Nature Reserve becoming Isau Isau National Park. The implications for this are huge. 

This upgrade would mean that the protection laws for the flora and fauna will greatly strengthen in and around Isau Isau. The Indonesian government will install a dedicated ranger team, as well as guides to take people into the jungle. This will bring some much needed work to the local area and could even provide an alternative income for poachers who poach more out of necessity than greed. National Park status is also something that can never be downgraded so once this status is achieved, it will stay there permanently for future generations to enjoy this special place.

To make our dream a reality, we would like to increase our current camera count to 10 cameras ready to send to Indonesia and to be deployed across Isau Isau Nature Reserve. We have already seen the results that our current three cameras are producing, imagine what we could do with 10! We would like to hit our goal by the end of October 2018. Any more than ten would be an absolute bonus.

We are asking our supporters to sponsor a camera trap from our Amazon wishlist:

(Please read the full page if you are considering sponsoring a camera)

What you will get for pledging your support

-A personal “Thank you” across our social media pages and website

-A eCertificate to acknowledge your involvement in our project.

-You will get to name your sponsored camera trap. This could be after an influential person in your life, a child, a lost loved one, the possibilities are endless. This could be done as an individual, a group, a class, a club, a business or an organisation, however you would like.

-Acknowledgement when we use your sponsored cameras images across social media.

We will email you after every deployment so you can be the first to see the pictures that your sponsored camera has captured (subject to privacy policy. Please check at the bottom of the page).

-Acknowledgement in any future publications.

-A sense of knowing that you are helping to save Isau Isau with us!

If you feel like this is something that you would like to be a part of, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss anything further and we will do our best to help you out.

Email: sumatractp@gmail.com

or send us a message on our social media platforms



Twitter- @SumatraCTP


The 10 by 10 pledge will run for one month from 30th of September until the 30th of October and then all cameras will be sent together once they have all been received. We can also accept cameras after this time, however there is the potential for delay in reaching Indonesia due to the limitations placed on us by the Indonesian postal services.


*Privacy Policy: It is absolutely imperitive that upon receipt of any images, these are not shown publicly in any form. Due to the nature of our project, we need to maintain interest in our findings and some of these pictures could be of a sensitive nature. Since we need to generate this interest with the general public, we ask that you do not put these pictures online before we do. We would prefer it if you could share these pictures from our own posts but if you would like to publish on your own pages, you must wait before they appear on our own social media pages. By all means, you can show your friends and family but we must emphasise the seriousness and any violations will lead to a revocation of the first look privileges.

-We reserve the right to withold any pictures (sensitive species, poachers etc.) indefinitely.

-Although we collect data on average every 3-6 weeks, this is not always the case due to other commitments. If there is a delay of a considerable amount of time, we will do our best to inform you.


Due to the nature of the camera deployments, we cannot ensure that the camera will remain undamaged and in a functional state. Whilst we will do our utmost to prevent this from happening, due to being a self funded project with very limited funds, in most cases we cannot replace the camera. Please note that if you wish to sponsor a camera, The Sumatra Camera Trap Project will take full ownership of that camera upon receipt of the camera. We must assume that if you go ahead with a purchase, you agree to adhere to our wishes. Any violations could end in a termination of sponsorship. We will close this campaign one month from the launch date (30th of October) and send the package soon after that.  

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